These videos are user-contributed videos showing their vehicles built with PX4. Official PX4 video channel.

2015 Videos

PX4 Flight Core setup experience

Full autonomous VTOL waypoint navigation with transitions:

81 hour continuous flight world record on fixed wing:

FireFly Y6 VTOL:

Software in the Loop simulation on ROS and attitude control in Linux:

Caipirinha VTOL in position control hover:

2014 Videos

VTOL attitude control:

Aggressive position control:

Custom mixing (text-file based mixer definition language, user-editable):

New CAN bus motor controllers test flight:

Linux onboard computer:

2011-2013 Videos

Fixed Wing Full Auto Mission

Fully autonomous from takeoff to landing.

Multicopter PX4 Overview Video

Various flight modes from acrobatic to autonomous RTL and landing.

Swiss Alps Fixed Wing Flight

Return to Land on Multicopters

Flight in EASY mode and RTL.

Fully Autonomous Waypoint Flight on Multicopters

Autonomous flight (waypoints) on a 3DR quad frame with the PX4 native software stack.

Fully Autonomous Waypoint Flight on Airplanes

Autonomous flight on the Bormatec Camflyer with the PX4 native software stack.

Autonomous Indoor Flight with PX4FMU and PX4FLOW

This is just an example application for PX4FLOW based flight.

Seatbelt mode flight stabilization on Bormatec Camflyer

Testing conditions were perfect with gusty winds at around 4-5 m/s (measured) coming over nearby trees making manual flight reasonably challenging with the small CamFlyer Q but a breeze (no pun intended) with Seatbelt Mode.

It has just 80 cm / 32“ wingspan.

Video Highlights:

  • 1:40 min: watch things go wild as seatbelt is tuned off
  • 3:40 min: flying at tree level (turbulent) with seatbelt off
  • 4:15 min: going from seatbelt off to on and flying at tree level again
  • 5:00 min: three landing in seatbelt mode all the way to the ground with the last filmed from the ground as well

PX4FMU on 3DR Quad (native stack, GPS position hold, Baro altitude hold)

PX4FMU + PX4IOAR on ARDrone (manual)

PX4FLOW on PIXHAWK Quadrotor (auto)

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