Interfacing Joysticks and Gamepads

PX4 supports joysticks and gamepads in three different setups:

  1. Via the MANUAL_CONTROL MAVLink packet, which is internally mapped to RC input. In this mode the manual override capability is disabled.
  2. Via the RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE MAVLink packet, which is internally mapped to RC input. Manual override is also not possible here
  3. Via the MANUAL_CONTROL MAVLink packet, but *not* mapped to RC input. This is the architectural best option, but is still work in progress.

This mode allows the system to simulate a RC controller from a MAVLink stream. The main purpose

1) Calibrate your Joystick and Map the Axes

QGroundControl main menu → Preferences → Controllers:

  • Tick the “Enable controllers” checkbox
  • Select your controller
  • Select “manual” as mode. The other modes are to command off board control set points
  • Do not map any buttons
  • Click on calibrate range and move all axes

2) Configure the System to convert Manual Control packets to RAW RC Input

QGroundControl main menu → Setup

  • Open the parameter editor
  • Set COM_RC_IN_MODE to 2, which tells the system to emulate a RC control from the MAVLink stream
  • Check that RC icon in the top toolbar turns green

Because this mode makes only limited sense on the architectural level because of the nonsense mapping from digital → PWM → digital this option is not supported in QGroundControl. QGroundControl users are advised to use the option above. Some third-party equipment is using this however to provide an RC-like interface.

No settings / setup has to be performed, simply stream the packets to one of the telemetry ports.

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