Drivers for Windows

If you already installed the PX4 Toolchain there should be no need to install the drivers separately.

Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8, the drivers will not install because they are unsigned. You need to force Windows 8 to install unsigned drivers as per the following instructions:

Step 1

You have to restart Windows and go to the “Advanced Startup Options”. Press Win+R and execute the following command:

shutdown.exe /r /o

Step 2

  • When the “Choose an option” screen appears, select “Troubleshoot”.
  • Select “Advanced options” in the “Troubleshoot” screen.
  • Select “Startup Settings”.
  • Press the “Restart” button.

Step 3

Windows will now restart and show the “Startup Settings” screen. Press 7 to select “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

Step 4

When Windows is finished booting up, install the drivers in the usual way (e.g. using the Device Manager). Windows will still alert you if you try to install a driver that is not signed, but you can choose the “Install this driver software anyway” option.

Step 5

Windows will automatically re-enable the driver signature enforcement the next time you restart your system.

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