Fixed Wing Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL)

A Fixed Wing VTOL aircraft can vertically take off and land like a rotary wing aircraft (multicopters, helicopters). Additionally, in forward flight the main lift is generated by the airstream flowing over its wings which makes it more efficient than a rotary wing aircraft.

Build logs / instructions to recreate the videos can be found at the bottom of the page

Tilt rotor forward and back transition:




VTOL development is active - please contact the PX4 VTOL Gitter Live Chat or the mailing list

The build logs below contain full instructions on vehicle setup and Pixhawk mounting.

caipirinha_vtol_front.jpg TBS Caipirinha VTOL Tailsitter, tested by Roman Bapst
Quadrotor Tailsitter VTOL Tailsitter, in development by Roman Bapst
BirdsEyeView FireFly Tilt-rotor, tested by Roman Bapst and Simon Wilks
Fun Cub Quad VTOL Standard VTOL with a tractor motor / tested by UAVenture
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