Z-84 Flying Wing

This airframe is flown by the core PX4 developers and QGroundControl has great defaults for it.

Part List

Although this a great plane, the default kit ESC can get into sync issues at high RPM. We recommend to replace it with a different 12A ESC (links provided below.


As the image below shows its a really tiny plane, which easily could be strapped the helmet mount of a bike backpack.

Build Log

The Wing Wing is pretty easy to build - it does come with foam glue, but the author of the build log prefers Pattex Hot glue. Using hot glue allows a fast build, but requires some experience in getting the timing right and being really fast.

Glue the wings to the main body, then glue the wing spar into the wing (fill lots of glue into the slot for the spar, then press the spar in) and ensure the wing becomes level.

Add a layer of hot glue on top of the spar to fix it well in all directions.

Mount the prop - done!

This is the raw airframe with hood completed.

Remove the ESC and add the PX4IO power connector - replace the battery connector with your favorite connector.

This is the end result soldered.

Insert the pitot tube and silicon tubing - the 3D print model is on this page: PX4 Airspeed Sensor.

Screw on the front part.

Place the PX4 FMU in the back, arrange the remaining components in the payload bay and on the wing. The presented layout shows a perfect center of gravity.

The result with hatch on.

Side view of airspeed sensor and radio modem.

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