Green Air Designs Viper V2.0

A 3 meter flying wing, also known as Viper X-10 V2. This is the successor of the Viper X-10. Information on the current product can only be found on the companies forum.

Some of the differences over the previous model:

  • The fuse is about 10% bigger, this doesn’t sound a lot, but in volumetric terms its huge, cube of the volume linearly. 200mm added to the fuse width, giving a massive internal bays.
  • Updates to access hatches, as in much more room to access everything.
  • Wing fixing system has been improved.
  • Higher cell carrying capability.
  • Under floor cable carrying channels to keep the interior tidy and easier to route stuff.
  • Much more strength in the whole fuse section.

Maiden (manual) flight:

Autonomous flight:

Kit Contents

Here is how it looks unpacked with all the parts in position. To get a feeling for the size of this beast that's a two seater couch and mobile phone (Galaxy Nexus) behind the wing.

Lots of room in the bay:

If you order the full kit you will get an EMAX 2820/07 850kv motor, 13×6 prop, 80A ESC, 2 x 18g TowerPro MG16R metal gear digital servos.

You also receive the black (or white depending on what you order) vinyl covering material in carbon look. Here are some photos of the ready to maiden Viper:


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