PX4 can be used for arbitrary airframes and experimental aircraft (software adaptions might be required). This page only lists a few reference airframes to start with.

Plane Specific Documentation


phantom-fpv.jpg Phantom FPV Flying Wing 1.5m flying wing, very robust, decent payload capacity
z84-wing-wing.jpg Z-84 Flying Wing 0.845 m flying wing, very robust, enough for Pixhawk + GPS + radio
buildlog_q_x5_14.jpg Bormatec Cam-Flyer Q 0.8 m Bormatec Cam-Flyer Q with PX4FMU and PX4IO
buildlog_q_x5_101.jpg Skywalker X5 Flying Wing 0.8m Skywalker X5 with PX4FMU and PX4IO
Green Air Designs Viper V2.0 3-meter flying wing with Pixhawk
Skywalker X8 Flying Wing Built and test flown (Simon Wilks)
Bixler 2 in testing by PX4 team
Skywalker (1900 mm)

Other Interesting Airframes

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