Skywalker X5 Flying Wing

Part List

All batteries with maximum dimensions of 110 x 50 mm (for the pre-shaped battery compartment) or slightly larger (needs some additional cutouts in the foam) are suitable.

Autopilot List

  • 1x PX4 Pixhawk kit (including power module)
    • u-blox GPS
    • Airspeed sensor

Order only ONE of the motors below.

Order in a separate order (air freight rules apply) the Skywalker X-5 Airframe:

Alternative BevRC Setup

Order the X-5 airframe from either Hobbyking (above) or BEVRC (below).

The PX4 project recommends for all aircraft and multirotors the XT-60 connectors, as a range of batteries is available with them and 3D Robotics offers all power connections with it. It is slightly better shielded and easier to unplug compared to Dean's Ultra.


Pixhawk port
MAIN 1 Left elevon
MAIN 2 Right elevon
MAIN 4 Throttle

Build Log

Parts List

  • 1x Skywalker X5
  • 1x PX4FMU + PX4IO kit (including safety switch, buzzer, microSD card, micro USB cable)
  • 1x female to female (plug to plug) servo cable
  • 1x 3DR Radio (433 or 900 MHz, depending on country)
  • 1x FrSky D4R-II (also possible: FrSky Futaba S.Bus or Futaba or Spektrum Satellite)
  • 1x RCTimer HP ESC or Hobbyking Blueseries 40A ESC
  • 1x RCTimer xx motor
  • 1x Multiplex Easystar 2 spinner
  • 1x Aeronaut CAMCarbon 8×6 blades
  • 2x Hitec HS-5055MG servos
  • 1x 4200 mA 3S1P LiPo battery 25C (DesirePower 25C)

Spinner Mounting

Servo Lever Mounting


Mounting Board


But the ESC close enough to the hole so that the battery connector is sufficiently inside.


Motor Mount and Elevons

Push the elevons all the way down, then apply tape on the top.

Electronics and Airspeed Sensor

<note tip>Embedding the airspeed sensor in the wing looks neat, but does weaken the wing. If crash-resistance is a major objective, consider taping it on top of the wing.

Ready for Finish

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