Knurrus Maximus FPV Flying Wing

The Knurrus Maximus FPV flying wing is a very suitable and stable test platform for autopilot testing. It was selected based on the requirements of autonomous flight.

Our choice fell on the Knurrus Maximus FPV from ( It is optimized specifically for use with camera gear or other additional hardware and long flight durations. Building it shouldn't take more than 8h and it does not take a lot of experience to do so. Shipping to Switzerland is not a problem (35 Euro).


  • Weight: ca. 1kg
  • Wing Span: 140cm
  • Wing Area: 46cm^2
  • Thickness in the middle: 46mm

The setups I found use an engine with ca. 75g, 1000 rpm/V to 1250 rpm/V (revs per minute per volt), a 3 cell Lithium Polymer battery with 4000mAh (due to the geometry of the plane we use 2*2000mAh in parallel) and a 10*6“ folding prop with a 40mm to 42mm middle part.

Part List

These PX4 autopilot parts are required:


First flight

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