IR-Discovery (TBS discovery frame)

work in progress

This platform is build to test obstacle avoidance in an urban environment.

Part Lists

Frame and motors


On board Computer and Cameras

  • 2x Blue Fox Matrix vision cameras
  • 1x FLIR Lepton camera
  • 1x Tamarisk ® 320 - DRS Infrared
  • 1x Thermal IP Camera Dev Kit from Leopard Imaging


Frame and motors

Follow this instructions to assemble the frame and motors: here

Camera Mount

To attach the cameras to the frame we developed this frame. The mount is composed of 3 pieces: We have a front panel, which it have the cameras attached, a bottom support plate, which it also support the board for the Tamrisk camera, and a top support plate, which has the PX4 Flow sensor mounted.

Camera mount Top support with PX4 Flow camera

The stereo cameras have a base line of 20cm.

Board Support

Support for board Odroid C1

support with board support without board


The STL file for the camera support and board support can be found here

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