DJI Flame Wheel 550 Hex

The DJI Flamewheel multicopter kits are a cheap, robust basis for a PX4-powered quadrotor. As they are very popular, parts and clones are widely and cheaply available.


DJI F550 Parameters


MC_ATTRATE_AWU              X.XX

Parts List

These PX4 autopilot parts are required:

Custom Build

One of these frame sets is required:

Power system:

ARF Kits

Bench testing of the DJI ESCs has been completed successfully, flight tests following shortly. This means you can also purchase the ARF kits which include frame, DJI ESCs and DJI motors:

Spare Parts

  • Propellers: EPP1045 propellers in CW/CCW pairs. Buy more than 4 total, as waiting for replacements can be tedious. Avoid carbon fibre propellers as they can be extremely dangerous when handling or tuning your quad. e.g. RCTimer 10x4.7 12-pair multi-pack.
  • 2200 mAh LiPo batteries, suitable for at least 30A discharge. It is best to buy several of the same battery in order to keep the copter weight constant when changing batteries.
  • Frame arms: the F550 arms are designed to break in a crash to protect the core of the frame. Replacement arms are available in white and red; clone arms are available in various colors as well from many suppliers.


These pictures show the step-by-step assembly on a finished AR.Drone frame.








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