DJI Flamewheel 330 Quad

The DJI Flamewheel multicopter kits are a cheap, robust basis for a PX4-powered quadrotor. As they are very popular, parts and clones are widely and cheaply available.

Parts listed here are suitable for the 330 series quad.

Parts List

These PX4 autopilot parts are required:


You can purchase the ARF kits which includes frame, DJI ESCs and DJI motors:

Spare Parts

  • Propellers: 8“ propellers in CW/CCW pairs. Buy more than 4 total, as waiting for replacements can be tedious. Avoid carbon fibre propellers as they can be extremely dangerous when handling or tuning your quad. e.g. RCTimer 8x4.5 12-pair multi-pack.
  • 3S 2200 mAh LiPo batteries, suitable for at least 30A discharge. It is best to buy several of the same battery in order to keep the copter weight constant when changing batteries.


You will find plenty of guides on how to assemble this if you search for it so I will skip the step-by-step assembly details here and concentrate on mounting and wiring up the PX4 on the F330.

Important: The following photo shows the FMU mounted on top of the F330 and not underneath like the rest of the photos further below. If the FMU is mounted underneath, it will suffer from considerable magnetic interference which will confuse your compass! You must mount it on top.

This is what we are aiming to build. TODO: Update these photos showing correct mounting.

You will need to drill 4 holes into the F330's base plate. Make sure you have vibration dampers and something to protect the board components from them, otherwise you might rip some SMD parts off the board. I had some very soft rubber rings I could use.

Overview of the the wiring.

PX4FMU connections (from left to right):

  • Pin 1 (red): 5V power supply [VDD_5V]
  • Pin 5 (red): Battery monitor 3-18V from Lipo positive cable [BATTERY_MONITOR]
  • Pin 6 (blue): PPM input from receiver [PPM_INPUT]
  • Pin 9-12 (green): Servo 1 to 4 [SRV1 - SRV4]
  • Pin 15 (black): Ground [GND]

The CC BEC mounted. It is a bit on the big size (bigger than the receiver!) so use something smaller if you want. The default voltage of 5.1V should be fine meaning you won't need to get the optional programmer.

It is highly recommended that you add a power switch (see parts list above) between your BEC and the VCC_5V input of the FMU. Simply connect the positive (red) wire coming from the BEC to one switch terminal and connect a second red wire to from the second terminal to VCC_5V on the multiconnector. Use hot glue to secure the switch to the base plate.


Install the latest version of QGroundControl and after you have installed the latest firmware, go to Airframe Config and select and apply the F330 quadcopter. Refer to the Quickstart Guide for more information.

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