Bormatec NEW

FIXME This page will be filled later with details. Its a 0.8 m flying wing with some payload capacity. The name is not yet known.

Parts List

Core Airplane

  • Bormatec NEW kit
  • 1x Multiplex Easystar II pusher spinner / prop mount (MPX 733506)
  • 1x Pair / kit 7234/17 Aeronaut 8×6β€œ CAM-Carbon
  • 1x RCTimer HP2212-1450KV brushless outrunner (RCTimer store
  • 1x 20A ESC with 2A BEC (min) (RCTimer store)
  • 2x 9g / 13 Ncm servo Hitec HS-5055MG (3D Robotics Store)
  • 1x (min, recommended 2-3): 1800 mAh 3S1P 11.1V Lithium Polymere (LiPo) battery (20C sufficient, higher C rating ok)

Autopilot / Radio / Receiver

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