3DR ArduCopter Quad C

Parts list


Build instructions for 3DR Quad C frame can be found here: 3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Assembly Guide.

Frame with installed power board:

It's higly recommended to insert resistor 1k-10k on power board before battery voltage wire to avoid damage of PX4 in case of wrong installation.

PX4FMU mounted on the first level:

To leave original 3DR frame connectors untouched “Multi-Receiver-Frame-Telemetry” adapter can be used. It can be soldered from:

  • 3-pin header for receiver
  • 5-pin (or more) header for telemetry
  • 2×4-pins header for 3DR frame

I found that it will be better to cut DF13 15-pin cable at 1/3 from Multi connector, not at 1/2 as I have done.

Looks like spaghetti :)

LEDs mounted on top and bottom sides for more beauty in sky especially for night flights:

LED switched by simple transistor key.

TODO add schematics

Startup Script



LED strips drived by gpio_led app demo:

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