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An on-board video camera can be used to record aerial video and/or directly transmit the live video back to the pilot, which is called FPV (“First Person View”).

This page just lists a few unsorted links for the interested and focuses on TINY cameras to document flights, rather than shooting the optimal onboard video. Other sources might be more helpful for those sarching for an introduction into the topic.


Delite DLT MC720 / MycroCam HD - 720p

This camera comes with different names:

It is a lightweight camera that delivers a good quality 720p video recording and is really tiny in size.


FPV Live View

The vendor offers an analog output cable, which allows to see the live view from the camera Live View cable.

External Power Supply Mod

What is not so optimal is the limited recording time with the inbuilt 1S Lipo of around 40 (tested) - 50 (advertised) recording time. You will need to make sure it is fully charged before each time you go flying.

Follow these steps so you can power your cam directly from a free servo connection on your PX4IO board.

  • Remove the two screws at the rear underneath side of the casing.
  • Open the case.

  • Unless you have an older model you will see that the Lipo is connected to the board with a two position Molex plug. Unplug and remove the Lipo.

  • Take a power servo cable and thread the wires through the holes in the corner of the case before you connect the Molex connector.
  • Take a 2 position Molex 2 postion connector (51021-0200) and connect it to the other end of a servo power cable. Be careful with the polarity.
  • Plug the molex connector into the board and replace the case's lid. It should look like this:

  • Connect the other end to any free servo connector on your PX4IO board or receiver. As soon as power is applied your camera can be operated.

Mobius Keychain Camera

Very extensive RC Groups thread/documentation, including a list of trustworthy sources: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1904559

FPV Gear

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