Safety Switch

Safety Switch

For added safety, vehicles using PIXHAWK or PX4IO have to use an on-vehicle safety switch. The switch includes a status led and should protrude through the vehicle body. It allows to arm a fixed-wing aircraft immediately before takeoff and indicates the system status.

Where to Buy

Dimensions and Pin Locations

Many models can be used, the recommended choice is the E-Switch model LP1OA1AG (Datasheet).

Schematic and Wiring

If you want to wire up your own safety switch, connect these pins of PX4IO and the switch:

PX4IO J17 pin Switch pin Note
1 (3.3V) 3
1 (3.3V) 4 Just make the wire a bit longer and solder it to pins 3 and 4 at once.
2 (LED) 1
3 (SW) 2

The LED is controlled by the MCU on PX4IO and the switch pulls pin 3 of J17 high when closed.


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