This alternative open source firmware was formerly called er9x and open9x.

The open source firmware OpenTX that can be flashed on a range of low-cost RC transmitters offers more options and is easier to use than the stock firmwares.

Currently supported transmitters can be found here. This list includes the FrSky radio-control systems Taranis, the Turnigy 9XR and the different FlySky 9X derivatives like the Turnigy 9X.

The firmware files can be downloaded using the OpenTX Companion (formerly companion9x) software.

Flash OpenTX

  • The FrSky Taranis comes with OpenTX pre-installed and offers an USB port for easy flashing.
  • The Turnigy 9XR comes with a firmware based on OpenTx/er9x preflashed and a port for an AVR programmer

Flash OpenTX on Turnigy 9X

Unfortunately the flashing process for the 9X isn't just USB plug and play but involves opening up the remote.

Basically it is then possible to solder wires to some pads and use an USBASP programmer to flash the new firmware (detailed instructions)

Alternatively, a programmer board with pogo pins can be purchased here.

Single Channel Mode Switch Setup

Single Channel Mode Switch for OpenTX describes how to map the switches to 1 channel and thus freeing 3 channels.

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