Graupner radio-control systems

This page covers the Graupner HOTT range of transmitters such as the MX-20 and MC-20 that are supported by the PX4 system

Graupner uses a different channel ordering to other systems. While this shouldn't be a problem with the PX4 stack you may find a need change it. On the transmitter select “Tx. output swap” and change the mappings to the following:

Tx Ch4 → Out1 [Roll]
Tx Ch3 → Out2 [Pitch]
Tx Ch1 → Out3 [Gas]
Tx Ch2 → Out4 [Yaw]


Graupner MX-20 HoTT

Graupner MC-20 HoTT



Graupner HoTT can deliver a digital SUM-Signal (SUMD) on most common Hott Receivers. The Signal can be found on the following Outputs:

GR-12L → Output #6
GR-16 → Output #8
GR-24 → Output #8
GR-32 → Output #8

You have to enable SUMD output (Up to 16 Channels are supported) with your Transmitter to use this Feature on your Receiver. You can set your Update Rate to 10ms.

When using SUMD Output, you don't have to remap the first four Channels on your Transmitter. This is made internally by the Pixhawk.

You should adjust the Servo Outputs to +/- 125% . This gives you a range from 1000uS to 2000uS

The Receiver must be connected to the SPKT/DSM Port with the following Mapping when using SUMD Mode:

Pixhawk Receiver
Pin 2 → GND
Pin 3 → SUMD Output
+5V from Receiver Rail → VCC

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