Futaba/Robbe radio-control systems

This page covers the Futaba/Robbe range of FASST/RASST transmitters and receivers that are supported by the PX4 system.


All Futaba transmitters supporting S.Bus / S.Bus 2 or PPM sum outputs are compatible with PX4. The list here just includes the models that have been tested by the community.

Futaba 14SG

Futaba 14SG

Mode switch setup and failsafe settings for Futaba 14SG: Futaba T14SG Setup Instructions

Futaba T7C FASST (includes Robbe models)

Futaba T7C

Futaba T7C transmitter (e.g. Eflight shop, might come with a bundled receiver, some of those can be modified to output a PPM sum signal, but not all of them)

Mode switch setup and failsafe settings for Futaba T7C: Futaba T7C

Futaba T6EX

This model is short on switches and not recommended for shopping. It can however be used for basic operation in combination with a ground control station


Each of the receivers below have been tested by PX4 developers and have been found to have consistently high performance regardless of cost and are thoroughly recommended.

PPM Sum Output

S.Bus / S.Bus 2

The following S-Bus receivers are only supported by the PIXHAWK or a PX4FMU in combination with a PX4IO board. Complete list.

  • Futaba / Robbe R7008SB S.BUS 2 Receiver
  • Futaba / Robbe R6303SB S.BUS Receiver
  • FrSky TFR4 SB 3/16ch 2.4Ghz S.BUS Receiver FASST Compatible (3D Robotics Shop)
  • Futaba FASST S.BUS 2.4 GHz Receiver R6303SB (tested by PX4 core team, very lightweight, only 7g)
  • FrSky FASST compatible S.BUS compatible TFR8 SB 8ch 2.4Ghz Receiver (HobbyKing Shop)

Futaba S.Bus 2 Telemetry (RC in works) is still work in progress, reference: http://sbustelemetrysensors.blogspot.ch

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