FrSky radio-control systems

This page covers the low-cost FrSky range of ACCST transmitters and receivers that are supported by the PX4 system.


FrSky Taranis Plus


FrSky Taranis Plus Transmitter (Hobby King)

The upcoming FrSky transmitter with 8 / 16 channel (with telemetry) modes as well as a 12 channel long range (no telemetry) mode that looks very promising based on previous experience of FrSky products. An upgraded ACCST module is built in and does not need to be purchased separately but it still retains the ability to add JR modules in the same way as the Turnigy 9x for DSM-2 and DSM-X support.

Taranis is available and in use with PX4, works great.

Legacy: Turnigy 9x with FrSky ACCST

This was the default setup before FrSky made the Taranis available, which is the equivalent of the DIY Kit below. The Taranis offers additional features and is slightly more expensive, however, it is much less hazzle as it doesn't need assembly.


This set of TX, 2.4 GHz module and receiver allows MAVLink telemetry to be shown on the display if the ER9x firmware is flashed.

There is a complete tutorial with many photos on how to assemble this kit.

Parts List


Pairing the FrSky ACCST (w Telemetry) Module with a FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver is fairly simple. First make sure both devices are turned off. Then turn on the Transmitter while pressing down the button at the back. The red led should be flashing now. Then turn on the receiver while pressing down the F/S button on it. Again here the red led should be flashing as well. Now turn both devices off. Finally turn the transmitter and the receiver on again. The devices are now already paired. The transmitter shows a solid red led and the receiver's red led is off.


All listed FrSky receivers support either CPPM or S.BUS and do not require a PPM encoder


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