PX4IOAR - AR.Drone Shield

WARNING: This page is obsolete, and it is not possible to buy new PX4IOAR modules any more.

PX4IOAR from top PX4IOAR from bottom

PX4IOAR is an electrical and mechanical adapter board. Includes everything needed to put PX4FMU on a Parrot AR.Drone 1.0 or 2.0.

  • ARDrone motor controller interface
  • 5V/2.25A power, relay, buzzer
  • Reverse polarity protected, main switch
  • XBee / Lairdtech / 3DR Radio slot

AR.Drone is a trademark of Parrot SA, Paris. The PX4IOAR board is compatible to the AR.Drone 1.0 and 2.0 frame and motor controllers. PX4 is not affiliated to Parrot. PX4IOAR is not using any Parrot technology or software.

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Supported Airframes

Step-by-step build instructions can be found on the AR.Drone Shield (PX4IOAR) page.

PX4IOAR v1.2 angle PX4IOAR v1.2 top PX4IOAR v1.2 bottom

Kit Contents

The PX4IOAR is sold by 3D robotics with a complete mounting kit for the AR.Drone 1.0 and AR.Drone 2.0 frame. Only battery power cable, battery, RC receiver and a short receiver cable (servo cable) need to be added.

  • PX4IOAR mechanical mount board
  • 4x M3 vibration dampers
  • 4x M3 metal bolt long
  • 4x 25 mm M3 spacers
  • 8x M3 plastic bolt short
  • 4x M3 plastic bolt long
  • 4x PX4 plastic spacers
  • 8x M3 nut
  • 200 mm x 7 mm Velcro straps for battery mounting

PX4IOAR mounted on AR.Drone (angle) PX4IOAR mounted on AR.Drone (side)


PX4IOAR v1.2 overview

Manual and Schematics


The following connectors can be used to make connections between PX4IOAR and other devices.

3D Model

Google Sketchup can be used to view and render the highly-detailed 3D model of PX4IOAR (SketchUp Pro can export to industry CAD software):

PX4IOAR stacked with PX4FMU

EDA Files (Eagle CAD)

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