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THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Please proceed to Zubax Docs or PX4 Development Guide.

The PX4 dev team is working on a brushless motor controller (ESC) with UAVCAN interface. Please contact the gitter channel for further information. ESCs are available from TitanElite, Inc.

Hardware: The reference hardware design files are available on GitHub. The firmware is portable though; much like PX4, it can run on other hardware designs as well.

Firmware: The firmware is called Sapog and runs on all compatible ESC designs. Please refer to the Sapog documentation page to learn more.

Pixhawk ESC Test Flight

Pixhawk ESC Address Assignment

Photos of the first prototypes.


Connect the cable from the Pixhawk CAN port to the CAN port on the first ESC. Connect a second CAN cable from the connector below (or above) it to the next ESC and so on. On the final ESC in the chain plug in a terminator instead of an outbound cable.

Reference Wiring

  • Three motor leads:
    • Red (A), Blue (B) and Black (C) (FIXME: validate order, should result in dependable spin order with stock motors)
    • AWG 16 FIXME update with final value
    • 3.5 mm (not 4 mm lab connectors!) bullet connectors, female
  • Plus and Minus:
    • Red: +VBAT, Black: GND
    • AWG 14 FIXME update with final value
    • 3.5 mm (not 4 mm lab connectors!) bullet connectors, male
  • Battery connection for PDB or wire harness:


The following interfaces are supported:

  • Command line interface (CLI) over UART (see the connector pinout below)
  • PWM input

Please refer to the Sapog firmware documentation to learn more about interfacing.

Developer Connector Pinout

Pin Function
2 UART1 TX (out)
3 UART1 RX (in)
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