Silicon Errata

This page lists known issues with silicon (hardware) errata of 3rd-party parts (micro controller, sensers, etc.) used on our board series. Depending on the type of silicon error, these cannot be fixed in software and might impose specific limitations.

FMUv2 / Pixhawk Silicon Errata

Flash Bank 2 and full speed USB device exclusive

Silicon revisions up to rev 1 (revision 3 is the first not affected) can produce errors / data corruption when accessing the 2nd flash bank while there is activity on PA12, which is one of the USB data lines. There is no workaround / software fix for this, except to not use the flash bank #2. Since USB is needed to program the device, Pixhawk revisions built with silicon revisions < rev 3 can only use up to 1MB of the 2MB flash of the microprocessor.

FMUv1 / Pixhawk Silicon Errata

No known issues.

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