Airspeed Sensor Help and Troubleshooting

This page is intended for users troubleshooting their airspeed sensor setup.

Error message: "No airspeed sensor"

The system could not detect an airspeed sensor. If an analog sensor is connected, retry the calibration after setting the parameter [SENS_DPRES_ANSC to 1000]. If no analog sensor is connected, check your wiring.

Error message: "Swap static and dynamic ports!"

The two tubes connected to the sensor are reversed and need to be swapped.

Error message: "Create air pressure! (got 1, wanted: 50 Pa)"

If this message was displayed a number of times before, you have to create airflow across the sensor, e.g. with a fan or hairdryer or by simply blowing air across the pitot tube (do not blow into the tube directly).

Error message: "Calibration failed"

This is the generic failure message. If this error message was displayed, a number of errors were presented before, which are covered in the sections above. Re-do the calibration and watch the complete text feedback if unsure.

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