VTOL Attitude Controller

The VTOL attitude control module is an enhancement of the PX4 flight stack to support Fixed Wing Vertical Take-off and Landing. The diagram below shows in what context it stands with respect to the multicopter- and fixed wing attitude controllers. The module accepts controls from both the multicopter- and fixed wing attitude controllers over the Virtual Control Topics. The logic inside the VTOL module decides which actuator controls to publish onto the Actuator Controls Topic from which the Mixer receives its input. The VTOL logic could also ignore the messages from the virtual topics and e.g. run an internal VTOL transition controller (see figure). This structure brings the following adavantages:

  • in the simplest case the VTOL module switches between multicopter/fixed wing controls (concept is proven, flight tested)
  • can easily introduce new controllers (in the extreme case virtual topics are ignored)
  • can benefit from development of multicopter- and fixed wing attitude controllers


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