Mikrokopter BLCTRL Driver

Motor Layout

I2C Addresses of Motors

Nr I2C address
#1 0x29
#2 0x2a
#3 0x2b
#4 0x2c
#5 0x2d
#6 0x2e
#7 0x2f
#8 0x30

Setup and Configuration

The following variables define that mkblctrl get started, and which ordering of the motor adresses is used. They must be set in etc/config.txt file on SD card.

set USE_IO no               # no = FMU only mode / yes = FMU + IO 
set OUTPUT_MODE mkblctrl    # start the mkblctrl driver on startup
# The following parameter must ONLY be set, if your Motor Layout is the original Mikrokopter Layout. 
# PX4 Users should NOT put the following line into the etc/config.txt file on SD card !!
set MKBLCTRL_MODE x         # x / + Frame configuration

Predefined Model Configurations

There is a list of predefined configurations for some ARF/RTF kits available on the market. To use one of these configurations simply set the parameter SYS_AUTOSTART = <AUTOSTART_ID>. To reset frame-specific parameters (e.g. attitude controller parameters: MC_XXX) to default values for the selected model also set SYS_AUTOCONFIG = 1. Save the parameters and reboot the autopilot.


Do not test the motors with mounted blades!!!

After a successfull startup, connect to the console of your PX4 and call the driver with the -t parameter.

mkblctrl -t

This will cause a SpinUp at low RPM of all motors in the order of their addresses.

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