esc_calib (Application)

Use QGroundControl, not this application. The ESC config is in the power section.

This tool is for ESCs that need to be started up with a high PWM to enter calibration. They will then save the high PWM as the maximum. Afterwards PWM needs to be set low which will be saved as the minimum.

Connect to the Nuttshell

Power the FMU over USB, don't connect the battery yet.

Connect to the NSH as described here over USB or an FTDI cable.

Set safety off

Press the safety switch to disable safety. The blinking pattern should now be: pause, 2 short blinks, pause, …

Stop all running controllers

For multicopters type:

  mc_att_control stop

For fixedwings type:

 fw_att_control stop

Use the ESC calibration tool

For quadrotors:

  esc_calib -c 1234

For hexarotors:

  esc_calib -c 123456

For octorotors (or to calibrate on all 8 outputs):

  esc_calib -a
  esc_calib -c 12345678

For a plane with motor on output 4

  esc_calib -c 4

For a quadrotor with custom upper and lower limits (defaults are 1000 and 2000us):

  esc_calib -l 950 -h 1800 -c 1234

For a quadrotor with FMU AND IO running:

to specifically calibrate the ESCs connected to the FMU:

  esc_calib -d /dev/px4fmu -c 1234

to specifically calibrate the ESCs connected to the IO:

  esc_calib -d /dev/px4io -c 12345678

Press y and connect the battery. The ESCs should start now and indicate with some beeping pattern (if motors are connected) that they entered calibration mode.

Then press enter and wait for the confirmation of the ESCs. The minimum and maximum values should now be saved by the ESCs.

Afterwards press enter one more time to exit the calibration tool.


Unplug battery and USB and plug your battery back in.

Before mounting the propellers again, make sure that the motors spin as expected.

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