Release Management

This page describes the policy and guidelines for PX4 codebase releases.

Published Releases

All published releases are on our Github page: PX4 Firmware Releases.

Release Testing and Coverage

A release has been flown multiple hours on fixed wing and multicopter platforms with this guaranteed minimum coverage:

  • Quadrotor (X-configuration)
  • Fixed wing (flying wing airframe)
  • Manual, Stabilized, Altitude Control, Position Control and Auto
  • Return to Land (RTL) triggered by operator, RC loss and data link loss

Maintenance and Stability

We offer patches for previous releases as long as possible to avoid forcing downstream adopters to do “bugfix-upgrades”.

Version Numbering

We use semantic versioning, which in a nutshell means:

  • Use of version numbers: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH
  • MAJOR: Incompatible change with previous major versions (API changed, functionality changed)
  • MINOR: API-compatible change, new functionality
  • PATCH: Bugfix-only
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