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1.2 megapixel color or monochrome machine vision camera, USB video device class interface.

The camera comes with a C/CS mount which requires bulky lenses. A standard M12 mount (20 mm hole distance) does fit fine as well. The pictures below show the lens mount swap.

First unscrew the original mount. Keep the two screws.

Mount an M12 mount with in-built IR filter.

Matrix Vision mvBlueFox

Driver Installation

Ubuntu 13.04

wget -O mvBlueFOX-x86_64_ABI2-2.5.15.tgz\?file\=tl_files/mv11/support/mvIMPACT_Acquire/01/mvBlueFOX-x86_64_ABI2-2.5.15.tgz
tar zxvf mvBlueFOX-x86_64_ABI2-2.5.15.tgz

Edit mvIMPACT_acquire-x86_64-2.5.15/apps/mvDeviceConfigure/ and add change line 55 from:



	$(ADD_LIBS) -lexpat

cd mvIMPACT_acquire-x86_64-2.5.15/

(The commands download the driver from here)

To check the camera, use:

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