Contact and Credits

If you want to contact us, please post on the discussion server (preferred) or to the project maintainer Lorenz Meier from the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab, If you have specific questions you can contact the people listed below directly.

Using PX4 in an academic context and looking for a reference? Lorenz Meier, Dominik Honegger and Marc Pollefeys. PX4: A Node-Based Multithreaded Open Source Robotics Framework for Deeply Embedded Platforms, ICRA (Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation) 2015. PDF, BibTex

Issue Reports

If you encounter bugs, mishaps or have any other comment that might help us improving our hardware, please submit a bug report via Github. We will follow these up!

Project Partners

Our infrastructure is supported by the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab. We are one of the autopilot projects supported by the Linux Foundation DroneCode effort and its industry partners.




px4dev, Lorenz Meier, Philip Rowse, Laurens Mackay, Dominik Honegger, Julian Oes, Sam Kelly, Jeff Wurzbach, Craig Elder


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